Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Be aware of this insect

Have you come across this insect ?
Pls be very careful with this particular insect. It seems to be attacking quite a number of people these days. It is quite poisonous too.

- Consult a doctor immediately as if not the infection will spread very fast.
- If you touch the wound, you must quickly wash your hands or else it will spread to the next place you touch.
- This insect does not sting or bite. It is its urine that is extremely acidic which causes the infection.

There is a big scar on his hand. When he went to see a doctor, that articular doctor too had a scar and it was also caused by this same insect.

This also came out in the chinese newspaper.

Bro Rick Says....
Berhati-hati dengan serangga ini....

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